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Our Philosophy  |  We believe good design impacts each of us deeply. Our environments, and all that we choose to surround ourselves with, can either nurture and inspire us, or drain and deplete us. Energy, like magnetism, wind, electricity and gravity, is an unseen, yet powerful force. It can never be destroyed, but Energy can be transformed. We can transform both our external and internal spaces, and one influences the other. Energy is the inter-connectedness of everything. When our environment radiates, our body energy will also radiate. Beauty emits a high frequency that you can feel, that lifts and inspires. When a space is out of balance, it overwhelms, and over time, will deplete and destroy the energy systems of the people within it. Sometimes, it's not so obvious to the eye whether or not we, or our environment, are out of balance, but we can usually feel it. We don't feel right, something feels off, or heavy. The imbalance manifests within us, somehow. The primary goal of Feng Shui is to accumulate only positive Ch'i Energy, and to transform negative Sha Energy. Monica2 strives to infuse the principles of Feng Shui, the working with Energy, into everything that we do.

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Sanctuary Home Design & Planning Incorporating Feng Shui and LEED by Monica Fuerst Finkelstein

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Buying & Selling Real Estate Using Feng Shui With Monica Harris Andersen

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