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Monica Fuerst Finkelstein is an Architectural Designer with an emphasis in Feng Shui and LEED Green Design (See Home Design Page) | Monica Harris Andersen is a licensed Real Estate Agent with a Feng Shui Certification specifically for Marketing, Selling & Purchasing Real Estate (See Real Estate Page)

We met about 16 years ago  |  We have similar concerns about the world, our planet, and our inner spiritual planes  |  We have an appreciation for beauty, and understand that our internal & external environments are connected, and therefore influential  |  We each feel an impulse to awaken and utilize our creativity and problem solving skills to good, meaningful, transformational use in the world  |  We share a desire and intention to be conscientious of ethics and integrity, as we believe these qualities need desperately to grow wild and rampant  |  We share a need to express ourselves creatively  |  A need to be of value and service  |  A need to make a difference  |  A desire to work collaboratively (and sometimes, independently near others)  |  A desire to bring our best, most mindful selves forward  |  To live the belief that life is meant to be abundant, as nature is, and there is enough for everyone  |  Being of service is more important than competition.

As Buckminster Fuller was quoted, “The problems of the world will not be solved by the same minds that created them.”  |  We feel that many of the most significant changes happen as grass roots movements, people sharing ideas, and then collectively coupling intention with action  |  We want to cultivate and support self-sufficiency and empowerment  |  We strive to focus on what we want to create, rather than being ‘against’ something  |  Always endeavoring to nurture the positive and flip the negative upside-down  |  A desire for cruelty and oppression to be extinguished.

Prior to meeting each other, we had each only met a handful of Monicas  |  We look a bit alike, and share the given middle name Lynn  |  We each have 3 kids: son, son, daughter, in the same order  |  MF is Gemini and her husband David is Sagittarius  |  MA is Sagittarius and her husband Henrik is Gemini  |  We feel we are Sistas (from different Muthas)  |  We share similar interests, can talk about anything, can challenge each other & support each other  |  We have fun together, can be silly, and serious.

For a long time, & long before we started playing with the idea of working together, we referenced MF as Monica One because her last name, well, one of her last names, is Fuerst. MA would tease that MF was really Monica Won, and MA was Monica Too.

It was November 2013, when we first started to talk about joining forces. MA was on a road trip with her daughter, on their way to experience the monarch butterfly migration roosts in central and northern California. The 2Ms spoke briefly, tossing out all that we wanted to do, all that we were interested in, and believed we had to offer, all we’ve studied, and was important to us . . . the alignment of our ideas, the moment, the butterflies, and the mutual desire to assist with ‘transformation’ through living and working environments . . . the intersecting paths, timing, significance and symbolism of the moment made us giddy, and propelled us forward.

So, we decided to gather our strengths, ideas, energies and hearts, put them together & stir . . . and wahlaa . . . monica2 . . . monica squared . . . monica too . . . monica (x) monica, m2, monica with the integer (but that’s too complicated to type in, and probably not allowed for a dotcom) transformational spaces by monica2 (too long) . . . we questioned whether it was too narcissistic to use our name, but decided, “hey, we are after all, two Monicas . . . how often does that happen?” So, we settled on monica2 and use the descriptive tag line: transformational  s p a c e s . . . and of course, we had to work in the butterfly . . .  


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